BEKAS Chemicals PLC

Bekas Chemicals PLC is one of the leading manufacturing company in the sector of soaps and detergents in Ethiopia. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our products are manufactured at the European quality standards.


Bekas Chemicals PLC

Bright Bekas liquid laundry detergent is very popular detergent for manual clothes washing and general cleaning. It is widely accepted by consumers for its high performance of detergency, foaming power and pleasant odor. It is also unaffected by hard water.

  • Available in various packages, i.e, 200gm x 24pcs, ½ kg x 12 pcs, 1 kg x 12 pcs, 2 kg x 6pcs and 5 kg x 4 pcs.
  • About two tea spoons (8 grams) of bright in 5 litres water is applicable for normal soiled clothes cleaning.

Our Quality Policy

Bekas Chemicals PLC continuously work on improving productivity through innovation and research and development that satisfies the requirements of the customers and other stake holders.
The company strives for increasing domestic and export market share through the application of a quality management system that drives continual improvement through innovation.